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Metalheadz – Platinum Breakz 4

By Hook


Well, here it is.. the pinnacle of a genre, Platinum Breakz 4. The album is a continuation of a series that most artists and fans would strongly argue is the centre point of all things Drum and Bass. Most were unsure that this iconic series would ever see it’s fourth volume, including myself. Thankfully Goldie’s classic Metalheadz trilogy has been extended to its fourth showing, and what a show it is.

Om Unit kicks off the L.P on track one, sending a message of fresh new beginnings to the fans. In fact, Om unit’s Sleep Walkers E.P was the first time in a long time that I’d heard something that sounded true to the Metalheadz sound. You could also argue that Ulterior Motive’s Elephant Tune single also paved the way for this resurgence in the Headz sound. Either way, the classic Metalheadz musical aesthetic has been adopted by a new generation of producers and engineers, armed with modern technology and inspiring ideology. This new approach to a classic sound has certainly created a buzz within the scene and the artists featured on the album have sculpted an L.P worth purchasing, and perhaps more importantly, respecting. All the latest clips and info can be found at the bottom of this post.

Whilst this article is predominately about the fourth volume of Platinum Breaks, we shouldn’t forget that this wouldn’t exist without its predecessors. In honour of this were going to take a little look and listen back. History lesson style.

Platinum Breakz (1996)

The series started with Platinum Breakz, a seventeen track C.D and vinyl compilation that featured some of the original jungle/drum and bass cast. From Goldie to Dillinja and Peshay to J Majik, it contained the very cream of the crop. To think that Your Sound, Pulp Fiction and The Angels Fell were all on the same L.P is slightly unbelievable. Who knew this 1996 compilation would be the start of something that still continues to this day, eight years later. Here’s Source Direct with a Made up Sound, one that sometimes slips through the net..

Platinum Breakz II (1997)


A year after the original volume was released, jungle/ drum and bass fans saw the next instalment in the series. You can instantly see the fourth instalment has drawn visual inspiration from this release, although the format is pretty much …read more

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Crepe Check – Top Ten Pickups

By LindsaySunshine


With summer just round the corner and a whole host of fresh crepes on display I thought it would be rude not to compile a list of my favourite pick ups, past and present. My advice would be to hide your bank card and suspend your eBay account for the next few hours as this is set to be an eye watering run down.

10. Adidas ZX Flux Milan Camo

First up we have one of the most recent models from the Adidas team. The shoe boasts a camouflage pattern throughout (it’s rumoured that Adidas named this model the “Milan” as the camouflage is reminiscent of that worn by the Italian army, but i’m still yet to confirm), a white midsole and hints of black in the laces, stripes and heel cage. Find exclusively at Footlocker EU.

9. Adidas Originals EQT Support 92 “Modern City” Pack

Fresh out of the packet, this new line of Adidas sneakers hit the shops at the beginning of April and have already caused quite a stir. Originally released in the 1990′s, the EQT support’s have seen a lot of action over the years with the most recent design said to be based on some of the most inspiring cities across the globe. To tie in with the imminent World Cup the yellow colour way is said to represent Rio de Janeiro, the red to represent Copenhagen and black to represent New York, i’ve heard there are more colour ways to come so keep your eyes peeled for the British version!

8. Puma Trinomic XT1


Originally released in 1990, the team at Puma have recently regrouped to bring us a redesign of the classic Trinomic. Although made famous by the honey combed shaped cushioning system, the Trinomic was never afraid to show off it’s visual aesthetics making it a popular choice for both fashionistas and sportsmen alike. The Puma design team have stuck to their guns, producing a fresh and up to date silhouette available in the original colour way, a real triumph!

7. New Balance 1500 BRT


It is a little known (and pointless) fact that New Balance trainers originally started in Boston, Massachusetts and the name ‘New Balance’ came from designer William Riley’s study of chicken’s feet on his farm in 1906. Since then, the sneaker …read more

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DLR, Mako & Fields – Old Soul / Bridge The Gap (Utopia Music)

By Nick

Utopia Music are back with their highly anticipated 15th single featuring Mako, Fields and all round good guy DLR. The A side ‘Old Soul’ see’s a collaboration between Mako, Fields & DLR and the results are exceptional. A crunchy home-made break coupled with teeth shattering bass lines throughout. The second drop progresses with more vocals and intricate bass patterns. Definitely not just one for the dance-floor. Utopia Music showing us there is some longevity in the 170 bpm field.

The B side ‘Bridge The Gap’ a solo production by DLR offers a stepped out vibe, with tight breaks and deadly bass keeping the intensity from start to finish. Both sides have strong support from the likes of Goldie, Spectrasoul, Doc Scott, LTJ Bukem, Friction, Total Science and many more.

pre-order vinyl here

Utopia Music Soundcloud

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Kurupt FM Takeover – Dj Luck & Mc Neat

By Hainesy


Once again out to the lads on this one, I’m gonna be making my way down, and hopefully getting rightfully mash-up because my JSA drops that day innit! (hahah only jesting) I’ve saved my hard earned sterling so I can cop a massive bottle of Moet and I’m looking to carry it round all night.. Standard

Kurupt FM proudly presents… the Champagne Steam Rooms. A nod towards the champagne era of UKG when the clubs were pure vibes and everyone was head-to-toe in the finest Moschino and Versace.

Featuring DJ Beats, MC Grindah (formerly MC Sniper) and the Kurupt mandem alongside garage dons DJ Luck and MC Neat, musical pioneer Sunship, Kiss FM’s Rattus Rattus, and possibly the most influential Grime selector of all time, Logan Sama.

Kurupt FM limited edition Champagne will be available. Gucci loafers are recommended but not essential.

Get your tickets early. It’s gonna be a roadblock!


Make sure your rollin.


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Let us Roam

By Will.a

Skateboarding and photography go hand in hand. They always have and always will. Some have known this for a long time whilst others have cottoned on to this recently. Amongst these is Leica. For those who don’t know, Leica have been considered the beacon of photography pretty much since its birth, crafting equipment of the highest calibre since 1913.

They have teamed up with the likes of skateboarding come photo legends Ray Barbee, Greg Hunt, Atiba Jefferson and Arto Saari in order to make a series of short film portraits about each of them. The first episode kicks off with pro skating, photo taking, multi instrumentalists Ray Barbee.

Massive shout out going to Leica for this beautifully shot and generally inspiring mini series which is sure to lift you from your saturday hangover blues.

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Blocks & Escher – Metalheadz x Do Androids Dance mix

By Nick

So here is the first part of a four week Metalheadz X Do Androids Dance Platinum Breakz 4 residency- a mix by two of the brightest hopes for drum & bass’s future, Blocks & Escher. The pair feature on the PB4 project with a track entitled Madness which has garnered support from artists as diverse as Zomby all the way across to Loxy. Keep your eyes on for more exclusive content across the month of Platinum Breakz 4.


Here are some words from Blocks and Escher regarding the mix:

“Our intention with the mix was to embrace the essence of what we feel Headz is about, the idea of conveying emotion through timeless music. Music brimming with character and nuance.Mixing for us has never been about simply pounding the dancefloor to the ground or creating trite lulls by throwing in a token ‘minimal’ track; Drum and Bass’ past and present gives us a potent pallette to really create and express the varied emotions and moods often ascribed to traditional music. It’s an injustice not to utilise such a palette.In the mix we have dipped into tracks almost twenty years old alongside more recent music and stuff completely exclusive to the set. The omission of a tracklist offers no preconceptions to the listener, no preconceived ideas of tracks and of their ages. There’s no need to spoon-feed people with this music, listeners just need to listen and be proud of the music they love”


Goldie – Truth [FFRR]
Special Forces – Something Else… The Bleeps Tune [Photek]
Blocks & Escher – Sagan (VIP)
Roni Size & Reprazent – Share The Fall (Grooveriders’s Jeep Style Mix) [Talkin' Loud]
Escher – Late Snare [Narratives]
Blocks & Escher – Razor [Metalheadz]
? – ?
? – ?
Source Direct – Complexities [Good Looking]
? – ?

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Hyroglifics – Calling/ Torus – Flexout Audio

By Hook

Whaoo! We’re just a little bit excited over here at In Reach. It seems the Flexout crew have continued their reign of supremacy over the 170 land with another forward thinking release. This one from Hyro holds no bars and takes obvious influence from the golden era of drum and bass, the sound we all strive for. This post is just a little preview of the release, a teaser If you will (getting the masters sent over now :). We just couldn’t wait for the full tunes but we promise a full review.

Check the youtube video for now and our full interview with Hyroglifics.

Release Date May 17th.

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Emperor & Mefjus – Hello World EP

By LindsaySunshine

Since their first release in 2002 Critical Music have remained at the very forefront of underground drum and bass. To many (myself included), they are regarded as pioneers, constantly driving the evolution of the genre by promoting up and coming artists with more ‘future thinking’ sounds and constantly creating waves within the scene. That being said, for those lucky enough to remember the early releases from artists such as Vector Burn and Dphie it feels only right to hear the label come full circle and return to it’s tech roots with the latest “Hello World EP” by Emperor and Mefjus.

The EP consists of two remixes and two collaborations between the neurofunk giants, all of which display their clean and futuristic trade mark sound. Forget the soulless, “who can make the most offensive reese bass competition” neuro releases of the past, the Hello World EP demonstrates the pair’s incomparable production quality and knack for creating absolute dance floor killers.

The First track on the EP, entitled ‘Disrupted’ has a distinct, offbeat and almost sticky sound to it. This, coupled with infamous cuts from ‘The Usual Suspects’ gives it a real gritty, evil feel. As soon as I heard Disrputed I was hooked and desperate to hear the second track which certainly didn’t disappoint.

Emperor’s remix of Signalz by Mefjus is a real hard hitter, the first drop displays clear inspiration drawn from releases on Phace’s label, Neosignal circa 2011 with it’s hard, industrial sounding snares. Unusually, the second drop sees a real switch to the track with a more rolling and steppy beat, more like the original. Although the first drop is a killer, for me the use of percussion in the second drop wins it every time, an absolute triumph.

The third track from the EP is the second collab from the duo, entitled Void Man Void. If you didn’t already known this was Mefjus and Emperor you would be forgiven for thinking this track was a lost dub plate from Noisia in their heyday, the production levels are so tight, definitely one for the tech heads.

Lastly, Mefjus’s eagerly anticipated remix of Precursor by Emperor from the Begin EP (CRIT070D), now this track certainly brings the fire! With glimpses of the original, smooth, rolling beat, Mefjus has switched up the bass …read more

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RIP Frankie Knuckles

By Friendly

The undisputed Godfather of House music has passed. Frankie Knuckles who had been struggling with diabetes for the past decade died in Chicago on the 31st of March.

As well as producing some history defining bangers such as “YourLove” and “Keep on Moving”. He also graced us with some ridiculous remixes from the likes of Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. It goes without saying just how much of an integral part of the early development of the house scene Knuckles was.

We will all be raising our In-Reach lighters at HQ tonight, and making an obscene number of purchases on itunes, so he can make it to the top of the charts!

Check out some selected videos below, including a highlight from Found festival last year.

Partying in London with Frankie Kuckles playing out “Your love” into “Tears” whilst the sun sets in the background. Does it get much better? Check the video below to check the vibe.


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Supreme ‘Cherry’ Skateboards

By Hainesy

It’s kinda nuts to think that a twenty year old skate brand is yet to release a skate video… Anyway, the wait is over because the Supreme Team have stepped up to the mark with their new bit entitled ‘Cherry’ definitely suited as it’s their first full-length feature (Popped your cherry in style yo!), but by no means does it look like a first time effort. The quality of talent’s involved are unprecedented in both filming and riding.

A skate video should aim to show the whole scope of satisfaction you get while skateboarding, from the day to day pissing about (mischief central) in the street catching tricks, to the more serious filming/slugging it out to pull off the final line in your section. Coming from a skateboarding background myself I know what I like to see and Supreme definitely delivers.

Get a taste of the action n peep the trailer! #boss

More from Supreme here.

Get at me on twitter @HainesyInReach

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