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Blackhill Drum & Bass Sessions – 7/11/14

By Nick


The Blackhill Production crew are holding their first Drum n Bass event @ Cinnamon Kitchen & Anise in the Heart of the Capital 2mins from Liverpool St Train Station on 7/11/14.

As the need for Underground Drum n Bass music grows, the Blackhill crew have selected some of the most diverse talented up & coming dnb artists in the scene, from lable producers to Radio DJ’s, each has there own musical style and perception of Drum n Bass music. Be prepared for an abstract approach to the music scene with every DJ playing a different selection and not just the top of the pops.

This is a night where the Music really does the talking, no mc’s just pure beats and bass.

We have our own 10k Sound System for this event as we all know you need to hear every element in Drum n Bass Music!!

DJ’s :








**** KONTRABAND ****


**** JC ****


**** PLASTIKS ****


**** SOUNDIA ****


£5 entry (Tickets at the door) 9-3am over 18′s I.D.required
playing the best in cutting edge
Drum n Bass music for more info
or tune in to WWW.RUDEFM.COM

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The Resound Interview

By Hook

Resound is a character within drum and bass who continues to impress, with substantial releases across all the major labels in drum and bass. In-Reach caught up with Resound, predominately to talk about his Resound Sound website where he posts hints, tips and free downloads for producers and engineers. Check out the interview below…

I’ve been a fan of your ‘Resound Sound’ Site for some time now, I remember coming across it randomly on a Google search. What inspired you to create a website to educate the masses?

It was natural progression. I have been running for 10 years already, but originally it was a website for me as an artist. People have always asked me questions about music production and I like to help out when I can. So at some point it dawned on me I could use my website for that.

It’s a novel idea to help others but the truth is I also do it for myself. Writing about these things forces me to push myself forward and keeps me learning. In fact I would argue amongst the thousands of people who visit the website, I am the one who has got the most out of it! Writing has of course also lead me to lots of opportunities and introduced me to a lot of great people.

Your website features posts from the man, the legend, Mr. Dave Pensado. I assume you’re a regular viewer? Are there any that really stand out for you? I personally loved the ‘mixedbyAli’ episode.

To be exact, it doesn’t feature posts by him – I have written about him. Dave did hit me up a while back though saying he’s a reader and expressing his gratitude, which was amazing.

I view his shows a lot and it’s been a huge inspiration to me. It’s hard to point out a show that stands out because it’s always good and valuable. I think the biggest thing I’ve gotten out from following his shows is seeing how the world’s top music professionals think. It’s that sort of silent knowledge that you can’t really learn in any other way but by watching these people interact with eachother. The technical stuff they show is great, but that silent knowledge is really invaluable to me.

A relatively large proportion of your site concentrates on the psychology of making music and motivating ones self. Is this something you’ve always applied …read more

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Parklife 2014 Review

By Joe Franklin

wavey kicks

Following an awfully uncomfortable night’s sleep on one of the kitchen floors in Fallowfield halls, I was more than a little disappointed when I drew the curtains to a torrential downpour on Saturday morning. However, in true festival fashion, we reached for our jackets and hats, downed our G&Ts, and hailed a cab up to Heaton Park.

After being redirected around the perimeter for an eternity, we found ourselves subjected to a personal sniffer dog inspection; when the dawg sits, a strip-search ensues. One unlucky member of our crew was hastily hustled away, eyes wide with fear, only to skip out the other side after five minutes, smile stretched across his face. I decided not to ask…

The monsoon meant we had to trudge through ankle deep mud for what seemed like forever to get anywhere. We marched through the mud, laughing at those unlucky enough to slip over and add a new level of messiness to their already mangled states. After flipping through the guidebook we ended up settling in the Ape & Metropolis presents Digital Soundboy stage to a dirty Breakage & Dismantle set, dropping them muaddd grime mixes all over the shop.

The mud here had its first and only positive influence, in preventing the hordes of triple white huarache shufflers from infiltrating the tent, and marginally disrupting otherwise happy skankers.

Waved kicks

Now well and truly on our way up, we slid over to the hidden Collonade stage, complete with an ancient Greek-style architecture backdrop, to catch Route 94′s iconic and euphoric set, with the entire crowd singing My Love at the top of their voices (queue feelings of nostalgic adrenaline).

Overall I was impressed with the improvements made to the stages from last year. Parklife stepped its game up this year to host more than 200 artists in front of an overall crowd of nearly 160,000 people, and it has to be said besides the entry backlog at the beginning, they handled it extremely well. Still gutting that they don’t include camping though, £50 cab home at night is a painfully expensive trek.

Route 94 @ The Collonade

Day two came around with an altogether more chilled vibe. We spent more time walking round and checking out the food stalls and fairground now the swamps had been covered with wood chippings, making getting around unbelievably easier. The festival had some really cool food stalls which I …read more

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Introducing G.H.O.S.T // Guestmix

By Nick


After recently hearing a selection of G.H.O.S.T material, I quickly became fascinated with this new quartet of producers hailing from London Town. Bringing elements of funk & soul whilst captivating an essence of the 90′s, G.H.O.S.T are set to raise the levels and bring us a a fresh approach to the Drum & Bass sound. We caught up with the promising new producers to hear what they’ve been up to and what they have planned for the future…

Easy guys, can you introduce yourselves?

Hi all In-Reach readers!
First off; big thanks to In-Reach for this little introduction round and for asking us to put together a guest mix. We are four guys going by the name of G.H.O.S.T – Lewis, Matt, Will and Tom. We’re all living and working in London, apart from Matt who’s moving to Berlin for some reason!

When did you guys start making music together?
We studied audio engineering at the same university around 2010/11 and that’s when Matt & Lewis started to make D&B together. Then Will and Tom got involved and the whole ghost-project started to come together… Some of us ended up living together, so we actually began to have quite an output of material whilst we were also DJing at a few nights mostly in east London.

I understand you set-up your own label Goldman records this year. What made you want to start up your own label? And what difficulties have you faced starting up a label in the digital age?

Well, after we had quite a bit of music together we started wondering how to get this stuff out for people to listen to it. We thought of contacting labels and all that but then we had this amazing opportunity from Rico at SRD to possibly start our own thing. It meant we would have to spend a lot of money fronting for all that’s involved and all that, but we still went for it. The idea of having control over everything plus a distro was cool to us! It took a while to get the cash together but it definitely helped being a few of us. It’s not that difficult in the end, it all just takes longer because you have to obviously sort out a lot yourself…

What do you guys have planned for the label?

As you could imagine we don’t have a master plan. We are really happy with how far we’ve come and …read more

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Sankeys – MCR

By Hainesy

Sankeys in action - credit Gemma Parker Photography

The Manchester dance music culture institution Sankeys has just revealed its opening shows for the autumn season #Sankeys20Years

The club fully re-opens its hallowed doors on Friday 12th September, heralding the return of the iconic Tribal Sessions each and every Friday, with Darius Syrossian at the helm as the resident, Jozef K supporting and lots of great guests. Saturdays will bring a wide spectrum of shows to the club.

As well as Sankeys continuing to celebrate its 20th anniversary through 2014, Tribal Sessions also reaches its 14th birthday across the October 3rd and 4th weekend, with a double whammy of shows. This is going to be an exclusive night with some of the most esteemed Dj’s on the dance circuit so be sure not miss out on what’s set to be a very special night of music, and undoubtedly one of the must-attend parties of the summer.

Check the place out for yourself right here.


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From Hip Hop to Neurofunk – An Interview with Mefjus

By LindsaySunshine


They say “time flies when you’re having fun” and actually, I think they’re right because it definitely doesn’t feel like four years since a good friend told me to “check out this Mefjus dude because he’s going to rinse it!”. Turns out he was right, and yes, it pains me to admit that I didn’t discover him first and will always, therefore be indebted to said friend, and yes, it also pains me to admit that even after four years of listening to his music intently I still have absolutely no idea how to pronounce his name, Mefyoos/Meth Juice? Either way, the impact the young, Austrian producer has had on the scene in such a short space of time is utterly mind blowing and to think that he’s yet to reach his peak reassures me that the future of our scene is in very good hands indeed.

After a phenomenal start to his career with a host of successful neurofunk bangers (such as Gravitational Lensing with Bowsar and Kaiza on the mighty Close2Death Recordings), Mefjus has quickly climbed the ranks and firmly secured his place at the top next to legendary producers such as Phace and Misanthrop. It only takes a few moments of browsing through his back catalogue to see why as the rate in which his production techniques have progressed is staggering, not only that, his ability to transfer this knowledge to other genres such as hip hop and even into the more rolling side of drum and bass has made Mefjus one of the most exciting producers of the moment. With this in mind, we couldn’t resist catching up with him to learn a little bit more . . .

I remember reading in previous interviews that your musical background has been quite a colourful one to say the least, from playing the trumpet to producing hip hop by the age of 16. Were you always encouraged by your family to express yourself musically or were you mostly told to “keep the bloody noise down!”?

During the last year of primary school there was a workshop where the town’s band introduced their instruments to the pupils. I was psyched by the trumpet from the first second so I subscribed to get a tutor to learn it. My parents were really happy to see me being enthusiastic about an …read more

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Saucony Originals Legend Series ‘Cavity’ Pack ‘Black Razz’ / ‘Minty Fresh’

By LindsaySunshine


Hang on, when did I last say “these are my most favourite crepes of all time”? Because whenever that was, forget it, they’ve been knocked off the top spot by the new Saucony ‘Cavity Pack’.

I have to say the design team at Saucony have killed it during the last 12 months with a string of sellout releases such as the Anteater x Saucony “Sea & Sand”, the Extra Butter x Saucony Shadow Master “Space Snacks”, the End x Saucony “Burger” and the infamous Premier x Saucony “Life on Mars” pack from March this year. Thinking back to these incredible releases, Saucony really do deserve their space up there with the major brands.

The latest instalment from the Saucony camp is a retro of the old Saucony Originals, called the ‘Cavity Pack’ and will certainly appeal to anyone, like myself, with a real sweet tooth.

The pack consists of two designs, the mint green, mouthwash and toothpaste inspired “Minty Fresh’ and my personal favourite, the raspberry purple and liquorice black inspired “Black Razz”. Both dropped July 15th but are due for release on Urban Industry very soon, so keep your eyes peeled as they’ll fly out.

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Nozstock – The Hidden Valley 2014

By Hainesy


A couple of weeks back… Probably down to my own ‘city lad’ movements, and the lack of stepping away from the hustle n bustle of the capital, the festival known as Nozstock had definitely not been picked up on my radar (either that or it was just too well hidden in the Herefordshire valley).

That being said, I find it hard to see how it has slipped through for so long. Being a smaller scale ’boutique’ festival it’s not one that will blow your mind with epic line ups, but the time and effort that went into making the place look and feel good was a definite selling point The line-up was niche but on point… Fam like: The Mouse Outfit, Frankee, Dr. Syntax, Amoss, Calyx n TeeBee and the Uncle Dugsy were all massive highlights for me! Also the non stop Garage/Grime stage took most of my attention/energy nightly – Just couldn’t keep away! (Keep that rolling Nozstock!)

The people that the festival attracts is at an endless scale, young and old alike (met a couple of 60+ farmers too. respect lads!) The diversity of people from across the UK didn’t hinder a thing and I definitely got my festival vibe on as standard ;) As with all festival’s theres always going to be someone moving a bit bookie but trust me Nozstock had that down to a minimum.


The conclusion is, If you want to listen to music (without the sweaty packed out crowds) along with good all round vibes then get your ass down to Noz, I met some fuckin cool people, had some nuts conversations, and all that’s tied in with some genuinely blissful experiences…. It’s defo a festival i’ll be attending again :)


Anyways, love to the gang I jammed with.. You lot had it on lock. Special shouts to James, Andy, Anna, Rose, Dan, Damo, Jamal, Fine Dining, Bushman, Dave, Elston and to be fair the list could go on :P

Peep the flix below or on our Flickr.

Till next time. H

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Nurtured Beatz X In Reach – Final Release of Advanced Tickets

By Lindt


It’s your last chance to pre-purchase tickets for Saturdays Nurtured Beatz X In Reach party – THE carnival warm up sesh. Top of the bill we have none other than Renegade Hardwares head honcho Loxy and the support promises a night of cutting edge, dark, hard, fast drum.

This weekend literally can’t come soon enough and is shaping up to be another busy one so to avoid disappointment grab TICKETS HERE

Also, courtesy of Kyrist, we have a third and final promo mix which is full of fresh and future cuts that’ll keep your ears satisfied until the real thing! Check the soundcloud embed below along with all the event details…

The finer details:

Nurtured Beatz Recordings x
Carnival Warm up session
August 16th 2014
Plan B Basement Brixton




Event is in the Basement club please come down the correct entrance.

Last entry at 3am

ID required, No ID No entry (R.O.A.R)

£10 Final release TICKETS HERE (more on the door) … See you all there

Kyrist – Nurtured Beatz X InReach [16.08.14] Promo Mix

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SCAR – Palermo/Over Easy HZN080

By Infra

The dangerous duo of survival and script are moving ever forward on their path of destruction through the scene, leaving a string of worn out ravers in their wake. Tearing up dance floors left right and centre; the two are no strangers to the craft, with individual releases and collaborations on some of the most revered labels in Drum and Bass, their new alias SCAR was bound to bring big things, and their forthcoming 12” on Horizons Music is absolutely huge! This is probably my personal favourite piece from them so far, featuring two tracks on the vinyl release: ‘Palermo’ and ‘Over Easy’, plus the digital extra ‘Screen Test’.

‘Palermo’ comes in with some growling twangs backed up by gentle high hats and some curious horns, with a subtle, desperation laced cry just before we get down to the nitty gritty. The pumping bass line rolls smoothly along with the organic drums and wobbling synth. There is an extra terrestrial air to the track (and to the rest of the release for that matter) that holds elements of an early renegade hardware vibe, which is definitely great to hear in modern drum and bass.

The vibe is continued on the flip side with ‘Over Easy’. Some nice sampling sets the tone on the intro and the rolling drums set the pace. A cheeky mini breakdown just before the drop prepares us perfectly for the pulsating bass wave, which is key to the diversity of the track; this is one that will roll out strongly in a club, but still keeps a chilled element to it.

For the digital crew we have ‘Screen Test’, which possesses a more intense vibe, with strong drums from the get go, later backed by frantic beeps appearing periodically throughout the track. A very organic analogue sound has been created on the bass line, especially on the second drop where the bass drum feels like some sort of interstellar battle cry. Again the renegade hardware influence appears with the real filthy synth and aggressive style.

This is yet another great piece of wax from Horizons, head over to their store to pre order your copy

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