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Nike Air Max 90 Lunar SP ‘Moon Landing’ / ‘Apollo 11′

By LindsaySunshine


Although some still like to debate the U.S moon landing in 1969, there’s absolutely no doubt about the Nike Air Max 90 Lunar SP ‘Moon Landing’ sneaker.

In celebration of Neil Armstrong’s interplanetary travels some 45 years ago, Nike have drawn inspiration from the landing of the Apollo 11 and created a full moonscape print to cover the entire upper shoe. The grey, speckled, Lunarlon midsole and American flag on the heel counter give the shoes that pop and have made them irresistible to all sneaker heads.

After causing a furore across crepe forums the world over, the moon landings unsurprisingly sold out in next to no time, even with a re-launch on Hanon last Friday. It’s likely that these will still be found on pesky re-seller websites but expect a hefty price tag! If however, you were one of the lucky ones that managed to cop a pair then tag us on Instagram using #inreachmag and show us what ya got!

Release Information

Name: Nike Air Max 90 Lunar SP ‘Moon Landing’ / ‘Apollo 11′

Colour: Reflective Silver

Style Code: 700098-007

Release Date: 20th July 2014

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The In-Reach Show: Live via

By Lindt


In-Reach is both proud and very excited to be able to announce the launch of a brand new series of shows that will be recorded and streamed out live on the last Friday of every month (yes that is tonight!). We’ve recently been speaking with London’s most refined and very well respected drum and bass stations that has been streaming out beats worldwide for more than 20 years and seen many big names pass through over the years. A big big shout out to our hosts the rude crew and a special thanks to management for having us on board for the indefinite future.

The IR team has decided the time is right for our own musical outlet and so each of our shows will see you through a broad selection of cuts both old and new with various themes to come thanks to the opportunity presented by Rude. We will of course have to stay in line with the Rude rules so there will be a strict focus on music in and around the 170bpm mark. Each show last approximately 2 hours and a special guest will be invited to join us on a bi-monthly basis so expect plenty of future beats too! All you need to know will be communicated through the usual social media sites in due course so keep your eyes peeled! It must be said that the whole team is really hyped about this new development as we see it as a great opportunity to directly increase our connectivity with the people who matter and ultimately make up this whole bubble. You can expect all sorts of interaction and features in the shows to come with regular competitions, news on events, In-Reach ‘ones to watch’, dnb charts, dedications and general shouts coming your way.

Come 8pm tonight we roll out the 001 so be sure to hit the link below and join us LIVE if your staying in tonight. Don’t worry if you miss a show as there will be a full catalogue on our soundclound ;)

This first show is going to be an introduction to the series and we’ll have site boss Hainsey inside the studio giving a bit of background on In-Reach and what future plans are in store. We have plenty of news and music to share with you and one of our very own writers Lindsay aka Cursed has kindly …read more

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Win a #Lobster T-Shirt

By Mernywernz


I’m giving away 3 #Lobster T-Shirts. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning one is do a drawing of a lobster and email it to this address.


The best 3 Lobsters will be picked on August 25th. You can spend a minute on your lobster or absolutely ages. All mediums and styles are accepted. Go Sick!

Prize 1.
#Lobster T-Shirt and limited edition digital poster 1/10

Prize 2
#Lobster T-Shirt

Prize 3
#Lobster T-Shirt

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Mako Talks Samples!

By Leslie

mako feature

Mako’s most recent release ‘Back to the Source’ is definitely an EP to get excited about! Having dropped a few weeks back on the mighty Dispatch Recordings (07.07.14), it’s his first solo output on the label and a sterling addition to both his own and the Dispatch catalogue.

I think it’s fair to say Dispatch have cornered the market in pushing a distinctly dark and technical sound. Now, this isn’t to say the EP doesn’t hint at these kind of sinister grooves, but I do feel the overall vibe differs from what we’d usually expect from the label.

Present in all of Mako’s music is his ability to amalgamate influences musical, introspective, and based also on a deep level of reflection in the world surrounding him. ‘Back to the Source’ is a body of work that clearly references the sounds of Photek, Dillinja and the pioneers of that much loved 90′s sound. There are quirks in the tunes that make for new discovery’s every listen, and undoubtedly the inclusion of thought-provoking samples adds an interesting depth to the music!

With that in mind, Mako was kind enough to talk us through some of his favourite samples…

Two claaaaaaaasic samples here:

One from Goodfellas

One from The Warriors

I feel like I use a mixture of old and new school production techniques. On one hand I love using samples from anywhere and everywhere and I feel no shame in ripping anything from movie trailers to the latest HBO drama series, for sounds, vocals and general atmosphere. But more recently after hanging out with my bredrin DLR, I’ve learnt how to make more of my own sounds on the fly, creating new bass from synths etc… It’s made the whole music making process even more fun.

When I need inspiration; an old bittersweet drama comedy from the olden days, a film called ‘Its A Wonderful Life’.

I find that in modern day life, we’re bombarded with ‘how to be/how we should act’ type messages from everywhere, not just the media but also our friends and family. I find old values the most appealing to the way I want to live my life, and this film captures some of them.

Classic Source Direct and more famously Wu-Tang

Kung fu movies are a classic draw for sounds as they contain everything from flutes, …read more

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REST IN PEACE JULIAN ANDOH – 20/04/89 – 05/07/14

By Hainesy


This post is dedicated to my friend, a comrade, a brother… Julian. I didn’t manage to jam with Julian week in week out but he was one of them fella’s you could be in any scenario with, rain or shine, always vibes. A person of good nature and always pushing positive moves.

He played a massive part within the family and was there from the beginning of their journey and touched the souls of all who were fortunate enough to call him a friend along the road in a way that words could not describe.

Rest In Power Julian Andoh.




BNTL are also hosting the first of an array of events in his honour this Thursday @ Visions Video Bar in Dalston. The flyer for which is below.


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Falty DL to release new album – ‘In the wild’

By Byron

Drew Lustman, also known as FaltyDL, is a New York-based record producer and American electronic musician originally from New Haven, This is his fourth album so far and its to be released on the label Ninja Tune.

‘In the wild’ will be released on August 11th, here is a clip of one of the tracks below titled ‘Do me’

Track list for the album :

01. Aquí, Port Lligat
02. New Haven
03. Uptight
04. Do Me
05. Greater Antilles Part 1
06. Nine
07. Frontin
08. Untitled 12
09. Ahead The Ship Sleeps
10. Rolling
11. Dos Gardenias
12. Heart & Soul
13. Grief
14. In The Shit
15. D

Pioneer unveils the PLX-1000 turntable

By Nick

Speculations of the new turntable from Pioneer have been confirmed this week with the unveiling of the new PLX-1000 to the delight of turntablists worldwide. The iconic Technics 1210 turntable has been a key part in tuntablism since its production began in 1972. Fears were confirmed in 2010 when Panasonic announced they would stop production of the Technics 1210 due to a lack of demand.

Fear not, as Pioneer are set to lead the way with the new PLX-1000 turntable. The direct-drive PLX-1000 is a fully analogue bit of kit with a back-to-basics set of knobs – start/stop and tempo controls on one side, tempo fader on the other.

The tempo controls are the only unusual bits, as RA reports, allowing you to switch from plus/minus 8 all the way up to 50. There’s also a tempo reset button, removable power, ground and phono cables and some clever stuff about damping, isolation and feedback.

Watch it in action in the video below. The arrival of the PLX-1000 seems very well-timed, with vinyl sales at their highest for over a decade and a swathe of new vinyl specialists opening across the UK.

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Eastern Electrics 2014 – 2 weeks to go!

By Leslie

easter electrics

It’s that time again… 2 weeks to go and we’ll be getting ready for the third instalment of Eastern Electrics Festival!

On Saturday the 2nd of August, the finest of underground electronic music will be brought to revellers, over 7 stages, at the exquisite grounds of former stately home, Hatfield House (Hertfordshire).

Eastern Electrics have put together a line-up that is quite frankly difficult to top. Featuring the likes of Maxxi Soundsystem, Art Department, Kerri Chandler, Loefah, T.Williams, Mumdance and any many, many more… It’s bound to be an event to remember. Not forgetting also the Electric City stage which will be hosting pillow fights, paint fights and cabaret – I couldn’t think of anything better whilst pleasantly intoxicated after a few too many festival ciders!

If you snooze you loose, final release tickets are selling out quickly so get yourself sorted now

Final release tickets are £54.50 (available here)

Hopefully see you there :)

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Break – Groove With It / Soldier LFR007

By Infra

The mighty Break is back once again with more of what he does best; yet another tantalising 12” to add to the ever growing list of finely produced tracks from this man. Break’s unforgiving and powerful style is something that has cemented his place as one of the scenes most prolific producers over the last decade. With a plethora of releases on most of the biggest labels in drum and bass and the constant stream of fresh material on his label Symmetry Recordings, it’s easy to see how he has become such a figure head in today’s scene.

This time around it’s Sigma’s Life Recordings that plays host to the Symmetry boss’ hard hitting beats. With the recent chart success of Sigma’s ‘Nobody To Love’ and releases from themselves and Bladerunner, the future looks very bright indeed for the duo and their label.

Kicking things off we have ‘Groove With It’; a certified stomper that holds the power to tear up any dance floor it comes into contact with. No time is wasted on this one as the thumping drums come straight in and set the tone for some rolling goodness. In comes the audacious vocal sample, which continues throughout the track, instructing “groove with it”, perfectly complementing the short pauses in the drums that come every sixteen bars. We only get a short breather before the bouncy second drop; the bass line steps along with the drums, finished off with that omnipresent growl. This is definitely one that everyone’s going to need in their locker.

The flip side ‘Soldier’ is in keeping with the hard style of ‘Groove With It’, possessing a slightly more choppy drum pattern and a dense twisting bass line. The vocal cries out amidst the siege undertaken by the surrounding bass kicks and piercing snares, with next to no let up from the relentless sonic assault (which is definitely a good thing) as we roll through the roughness.

This is classic Break for sure, so don’t slouch, check the links below to pre-order your copy A.S.A.P.

Buy vinyl

Buy digital

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Blind Music EP.3

By Mernywernz

The new anonymous label, Blind Music, turns 3 months old this month and dropped their third EP on our news feeds on Wednesday. EP.3 takes you on a four track journey of dancehall, jungle, 170BPM vibes. There’s some fresh tunes in there that have been supported by Storm, Dub Phizix, Digital and Fracture.

Click the player below:

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